The office of the Assam Pharmacy council is situated at Hengrabari, Guwahati-781036, Assam, very near to the office of the Director of Health Services, Assam. Assam Pharmacy Council is a statutory body constituted by the Government of Assam under the provisions of the Pharmacy Act 1948 to regulate the profession and practice of Pharmacy in the State of Assam. The prime function of the Assam Pharmacy Council is to grant registration and renewal thereof to the eligible candidate possessing requisite qualifications as per the provisions of section 32(2) of the Pharmacy Act & to enforce the necessary provisions of the Pharmacy act 1948. Continuous Pharmacist Education Programme, Refresher courses are regularly conducting by the Council to the working Registered Pharmacists to update their knowledge and to have update drug information to enable them to serve better to the community.

President Registrar Vice-President

Mr. Anil Sarma

Ph. : +91 94351 02064

Mr. Bhuban Chandra Das

Ph. : +91 94353 60639

Mr. Atul Ch. Mazumdar

Ph. : +91 80110 17320

* Registrar fully available on every Monday, Wednesday & Friday during office hours.

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